Hi and welcome to my John Bennetts Music home site. This site is my central access point for all the projects for education, corporate and general music and recording projects I’m involved with, collaborated on or have created.

I will be updating this information and adding music to purchase and free MIDI files plus much more in the very near future so stay tuned. For all songwriting workshops please click here for Music Media Tribe

For all the musicians who are into recording I highly recommend you grab a copy of the Music Production and Recording Handbook as it is full of very useful tips plus a video tutorial on how to use GarageBand. By adding your name and email address in the box to the right you will also receive interviews with some pretty amazing musicians, producers and educators.

If you are a musician who wants/needs to learn much more about how to have a successful music career, then click through to Total Rock Star Blueprint. At present there is a lot of great and free information for you to consume and learn on our Facebook page. There will be courses and a coaching service is available right now. Contact me for more details.  

To your musical success!

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